Draft social investment framework

Representatives from social sector agencies are working on a draft framework for social investment.

Representatives from social sector agencies are working on a framework for social investment [PDF, 1.1 MB], focused on identifying all of the components that underpin and support a social investment approach (such as client-segmentation; use of an investment test; and prioritisation methods).

With deeper understanding of components, agencies can identify what new or improved capabilities are needed to further enhance social investment performance – and therefore the social outcomes that are generated for New Zealand. The work will also lead to better alignment of work across the sector and improved clarity of communication to the public about social investment.

We are currently further testing the framework within and across government agencies, and welcome feedback from other organisations and people interested in social investment work. Please provide any comments to info@sia.govt.nz.

Further work is planned, including (1) development of agreed descriptions for components; and (2) guidance on what defines high-performance for each component.

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