About us

The Social Investment Unit (SIU) is a cross-agency unit responsible for overseeing and coordinating Government’s social investment approach. Reporting to the Social Sector Board, the SIU will work with agencies to help them take a life-time view of customers.

What is social investment?

Social investment is about improving the lives of New Zealanders by applying rigorous and evidence-based investment practices to social services.

The Social Investment Unit

The SIU will use data and analytics to provide evidence-based information, tools, guidance and products to social agencies to help inform their investment and decision-making and create improved outcomes for...

Social sector

The social sector supports all New Zealanders by investing in their education, health and wellbeing.

Evidence and Insights

Improving government’s knowledge of its service delivery, particularly performance and impact.

Data Infrastructure

Enabling the smarter sharing of data to support decision-making and performance insights aimed at improving service effectiveness and outcomes across the social sector.

Our people

A diverse, yet like-minded, group of passionate individuals have teamed up to form the SIU.

Emergency information for our staff

In an emergency, this page will feature regular updates for our staff.

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